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You can wear the beret in different ways, depending on your hairstyle and preference. Some people tip the beret to the side, while others wear it slanted toward the back. In South and Central America, older men tend to wear it flat on top of the head. If you’re wearing it for warmth, you might want to pull it down over your ears.

Although many people believe that they need to style their berets after French fashion, you can take it in whatever direction you’d like.
 The sponges are made out of a ‘revolutionary’ foam technology which creates a even, smooth, enhanced makeup finish. You can use them damp to create a natural, dewy glow finish or use them matte to create a dry full coverage finish. They are latex free and wash fantastically.
Claims (same as large version):
  • Rounded sides blend large areas of the face with a dabbing motion.
  • Precision tip covers blemishes and imperfections.
  • Flat edge for contouring around the eyes and nose.
  • Ideal for liquid foundation.
  • Latex free.
These are simply mini versions of the Miracle Complexion Sponge. I used them damp to blend in my concealer around my eyes. Size wise, they fit in well. However, if I am honest they are a bit fiddly and I am quite happy with the bigger version as I can use that around my face. They create the naturel flawless finish just as the larger version, but I feel the larger version creates a smoother finish as you can use it across your whole face
 Today it is the turn of the latest craze that is silicone makeup sponges. Now you may have seen these advertised across Instagram lately, but what are they and do they really beat the good old beauty blender? My first impressions of the sponge were do I stick this in my bra? It certainly is an odd shape and texture. Designed to stop you from wasting foundation unnecessarily, this sponge will not only save you money as you won’t be using as much product but transform your makeup routine. These sponges are also really easy to clean as they don’t absorb product you can just use warm water and soap.

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