Cocoa Locks review

10:40 AM

Only I know how much I have maltreated and abused my hair in the past 4 years through various chemical treatments, heat styling, etc. and the pollution and dust these days too add to its torture. And because of all this, my hair have got so rough, frizzy and brittle and the growth has been very slow too. Recently when this UK based brand, called Cocoa Locks, contacted me to review their product, I got super excited as I have never in my life tried any such product for my hair.  So I agreed and finally received my 1-MONTH PROGRAM for health locks – in the variant ‘Hot Chocolate’. So, let’s see what I feel about this brand and product.

The product comes in basic brown pouch. I just felt that it is too basic for the price; the packaging could have been better and something reusable like a jar or a tub sort of a packaging. The product inside, that is, hot chocolate powder, is dark brown in color and smells yummy like any other cocoa powder.The packet contains ample hot chocolate powder which can be easily used everyday for a month.

Coming to the taste of the hot chocolate variant, I didn’t like it much. I mean it tastes okay, I cannot call it a good cup of hot chocolate. But the taste can definitely be ignored if it does what it claims. This product doesn’t show results from the very first use but it does work. I started noticing differences after a week or two. My hair started looking fuller, shinny and tamed (less frizzy). Frizziness was my main concern and it was being treated now, by the end of the third week I notice slight growth in my hair and lesser hair fall than before. It does make my hair look healthier now.

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