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I wanted to talk about an online store called Freedom Silk today! Honestly, the items look so luxurious looking and I just want to touch them! I bet the pajamas would be so comfortable to wear to bed! I've always wanted to own a pair of silk pajamas, or a pillowcase. 

You can look at the variety of mulberry silk pillowcases here. The above picture is the 19 Momme Housewife Envelope Closure Silk Pillowcase. The fabric is 100%19 Momme pure and natural long stranded Mulberry silk. They have a lot of color options you can choose from. The thread count is 400! Wow, I'd love to enjoy a night's sleep on that pillow. That pillowcase costs $35. I think that's a little bit pricey, but I'm sure the quality is there. I believe it's one of those products you'd want to invest in. The quality makes it look like it'd last you a long time. I've had pillowcases and sheets rip on me before. These look sturdy.

Did someone say silk pajamas? They have those too. You can find those here! I'm particularly interested in the one I found here 

These look so much fun! That's a gorgeous shade of pink. I love the pineapple design and they look very soft! They come in sizes XS to Large. They currently cost $159. I could myself picture wearing these for a slumber party or some sort of themed event! I haven't attended a slumber party in years though haha. 


I would definitely wear these pjs! Ah, love this color and the simple design. I think these would be perfect for the winter and fall months.

 When it comes to the skincare factor, there isn’t really any hard evidence that a silk bed set has anti-aging properties. Do a little Google searching and you'll find that dermatologists have put a resounding “maybe” out there. And personally, I can’t say my laugh lines have magically disappeared in the several weeks I’ve been using it, but waking up without giant pillow creases on my face certainly does make a difference, especially when you’re getting off a red-eye to, say, meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time.

Choose some comfortable and soft bedding with our top quality pure mulberry silk fabric. You will find their best skin-friendly bedding includes bedding sheet set, silk duvet cover and Silk Comforter all are necessary for dreamy sleep in all reasons. And there are many different colors for your choice, like pink silk bedding, black silk bedding and other color of silk bedding. There are many benefits to use their luxury silk bedding on your bed, made from same 100% grade A mulberry silk as its seamed counterpartit's smooth, light and soft, you may have a relax with it.

 Honestly, what's more grown-up than wearing fancy silk nightgown to have a sexy night? Plus, I now know that I actually do understand at least one thing about the Kardashians: the can’t-live-without-it need for this silk travel pillow is so real LOL

You know how much I love Silk robes? You saw them when I share stories of my breakfast on IG. I always wear them in the morning. I don't need to explain it very much... It's just another feeling... They're versatile and feel luxurious.


 Sure, they don't come cheap, but these pieces double as street-clothes too, so you're really getting double the wear for your money. And honestly, what's more grown-up than wearing fancy silk camisole set to work? Click on to step into what adulthood really feels like. Hint: it's silky soft.

With an array of designs and options, you’ll be sure to find one that looks good. 
You were able to read about the reasons to choose this luxurious material, hope the tips were helpful. You've found the perfect store for your next purchase. 

Spring is here and it's the best time for a smart investment. This online shopping destination is the best place to shop affordable and elegant products. Because nothing’s more satisfying than looking good while spending less.

Enjoy your shopping!

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