Good old times

10:49 AM

Hello lovelies,

I am a law student but i dont want to talk in this post about  politic but i could because everything was good in 80s,but if i would and could thats not right here, so I would and could talk so much about the ’80s and still not cover how exciting a time that was for fashion. The ’80s are the most daring and experimental fashion era in my opinion.Fingerless gloves, miniskirts, leggings, leg warmers, high waist jeans, the headband, acid wash jeans and denim jackets are all part of the daring ’80s fashion decade; The bright, heavy make-up, shoulder pads and neon leg warmers are just a few examples of how bold people used to be with their outfits.I hope you find our nostalgic trip down fashion’s memory lane fun and interesting.

                                                              Jeans - Levis
                                                               Boots - Parfois
                                                                Belt - Mums belt (80s) :)

                                                       Make up in 80s i love it

Hugs and kisses
Azra Yates

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