10:06 AM

Hello there,

Five days have passed since I made an outfit post, and within these 5 days, I took pictures of  more things.First i wanted to give a try to some of the products, to some because of a price, to some because of a quality (because I have tested them before) to some because of a smell, and I know they will work on my skin the best.

 So, here we go ;)

    I took picture to show you guys how it looks when i am writing a post on my blog.Little bit of raspberries and chocolates,red candle,magazines and books, What can i say absolutely fabulous i love it.

       Great product, for hands, for legs. I use it all over my body when i have a bath time, massage it into the skin, when it feels dehydrated.

                                                            Maybelline nail polish

               Alpha Saphir watch - I bought it yesterday,so great and elegant watch. I love it!

Hugs and kisses
                                                                       Azra Yates

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