A bit O' This and That

12:10 PM

Hello dear followers,

I've been so busy these days, but that didn't stop me from getting dolled up.The filled with the Bosnian Cultural Center Tuzla held a wonderful concert ensemble "Halka". It was one of those concerts that are not forgotten.Ensemble Halka performs traditional music of Bosnia and Herzegovina and make it musicians from Foca, Prijedor, Tuzla and Sarajevo: singer Božo Vrećo, guitarist Dino Šukalo, bassist Edvin Hadzic, a pianist and accordionist Adis Sirbubalo and percussionist Anes Beglerbegović.Well, here are a couple of pictures from the concert. Had a great time. The lights was pretty much amazing on the stage, but nonetheless would not be great without a beautiful  Božo"s voice.

And I decided to wear everything white . To glam everything up, I wore redwine smokey eye, with redwine lip, and of course golden accessories by Freya design. My fav combination.
So here are a couple of pictures from the concert.

 So stay tuned ;)

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