Avon goodies for the winter

4:37 AM

Hi sweets,

Winter is slowly creeping up on us. While I love snow, low temperatures and warm drinks I don't love the state of my hand. Combine cold, central heating with dry air and you got yourself a hand situation. My skin get extra dry and my nails start breaking more. This year I decided to fight back :) Since the beginning of this month I've been religiously using a wide selection of products to prepare my hands.

 My favourite by Avon is the Avon care rich moisture family cream . It's a very thick cream that is perfect for night time. It smells amazing,  I put it on before sleep since it takes some time to sink in and in the morning I wake up with the softest hands ever.

 I keep a big tub of Avon body lotion at home. It was a limited edition but Avon usually has a few different scents of this lotion. What I love about it is the formula,  it's a lightweight lotion that sinks into your skin fast and doesn't leave you with any greasy film so you can continue with your work at home right away.

 Since I'm a hand cream junkie I always carry a hand cream in my bag. Avon care hand and nail cream was a part of their last year winter collection and since I liked the smell of this so much, I bought a backup.  It's a decent cream but you do have to wait a few minutes for it to absorb.

 I dont have the words to describe the awesomeness of this product.It's only the BEST lip balm i have ever tried..It really protects our lips.I love it and whenever i run out i re-buy it cause it's just perfect.Try it,i m sure you re gonna love it as i do!


                                                    Hugs and Kisses
                                                     Azra Yates

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  1. I just love Avon cosmetics!Lovely photos ♡

    Hope you had wonderful Friday ~ Love from Slovakia ~

    ♡ last days ♡

  2. Hope you had wonderful Friday, too:) love from Bosnia <3 ;))��