Herbalife goodies

7:05 AM

Hi there,

A Herbalife healthy meal is a great way to go about losing weight. It's as simple as substituting two main meals with a healthy Herbalife meal smoothie, having some healthy snacks in between (with protein of course) and a healthy main meal (think in the line of lean meat, like chicken or turkey, and nice vegetables). Not only is Herbalife high in protein (18 grams per serving), it also has tons of awesome nutrition like vitamins and minerals and fiber as well.
Herbalife is, simply put, high in nutrition, and low in calories. One smoothie is only about 220 calories (depends on how you prepare it of course) - as you can see, that leaves plenty of calories for the rest of the day - for example, if you're a woman and need to take in 1200 calories per day, that's no easy task without Herbalife, but add two healthy smoothies, and you are only down about 450 calories for the day. Have two 100-150 calorie snacks, which leaves a good 450 or so calories over for your main meal.
I love having Herbalife shakes every day, they are filling, taste great, are easy to prepare, and is a great product to ensure that I get my protein and nutritional goals sorted for each day.

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