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Hi sweets,

Every little girl  couldn't imagine yourself wearing white until you met your hubby-to-be,so he's put a ring on it.So you have vision of your wedding party,decors,flowers.But about one thing you cant  decide : Dress.
Well,wedding dresses come in all styles.And i  know your dress is going to look absolutely stunning on you but do you want your guests to be in awe as you walk back down the aisle after saying your "I Do's"?Well, the trend that has been really hot lately is a love for back details!The keyhole back is so simplistic and so elegant at the same time! Lace is the fabric most commonly used with a keyhole back and it just looks gorgeous!The lace button up back is just everything! I think lace is just gorgeous anyways, but when you're whole back is covered in it and has that button detail going all the way up, it's too perfect for words!The open and low cut back detail is definitely versatile and that's what I love about it! You can have just a small simple open back or you can have a very low cut back that just accentuates your entire back! And adding some lace or sparkle around the open back wouldn't hurt either!

And i must say there's just something about revealing one's back that's undeniably sexy yet still alluring. A backless wedding gown shows off the wearer's skin, but still holds a little bit of mystery as to what else lies beneath the layers of tulle, silk, and beads. So, to provide you with some inspiration, i took three different looks from my partner, and bridalwear favorite CocoMelody.

Just scroll through to see them all!:)

                                 Go to website CocoMelody and buy your perfect wedding dress!

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  1. Wonderful dress collection.these was really cute and awesome.

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