Women must haves for the Fall / Winter 2015 – 2016

11:00 AM

Living in Bosnia can be hard. Everywhere you look people are fashionable and perfectly dressed up. To make your life easier, I made this list of 10 MUST HAVE items you should have in your wardrobe this season to keep your fashion game up.

 You need to start with a long coat. Choose a neutral colour, like beige, grey, white or black, this way it can fit with any outfit. For the warmer days, you can go for a waist length jacket. Be creative here. You can go for a bolder colour or for some metallic applications. Also for those days, long vests are a good option too. Lately they have been constantly winning the hearts of fashionistas. If you’re looking for new shoes, than you have two options – knee boots in black or brown and short ones in any colour. Feeling like you want to make a statement? Get those short boots in metallic silver. If you’re in for a long day, you can always bet on classic, skinny, leather or denim trousers with a white top, be it t-shirt, sweater or blouse. But if you are looking for something different, black or white suit is a great choice as well. Accessorize it with a precious brooch and you’re ready to go. If you feel like wearing a skirt though, the ones made of suede or denim are very popular this season.  Lastly, you can cover up your head with a hat. Hoping my advice is useful, I will be seeing you around the city with my new coat and, of course, my umbrella. And remember that the most important things are to feel good in your clothes and to stay warm!

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