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Hello people,

Today is a review of a brand new hair line from Avon. It's called Advance Technique . It contains 5 oils and in the range are shampoo, conditioner, mask .

Supreme Oils line contains 5 oils. Those are macadamia oil, camellia seeds oil, almond oil, grape seed oil and marula oil. The line promises to make your hair smoother, softer, stronger and shinier.

Shampoo has a muted yellow transparent color. It's fairly thin and creamy. Pretty normal consistency. It leathers really nicely and I find that small amount goes a long way. It makes my hair feel pretty soft, but I do need to use conditioner afterwards. It doesn't strip down the hair, like some drugstore shampoos do, so I think that's good for dry hair.

Conditioner has pretty lightweight consistency. It is not thin, neither thick. Somewhere in between. I actually just realized after editing photos that it has gold shimmer in it. What?!You know, I think it was L'Oreal, who also had glitter conditioner. It came with some hair color, that I was using in the past. I was so fascinated by the shimmer in it, that I didn't want to use it up and have been saving it for a long time. So, now you know. Glitter shimmer, if you like that kind of stuff ;). It doesn't stay on the hair, just to be clear.
The conditioner feels very smooth and silk like. It actually feels like a silicon conditioner. It's a really nice conditioner for the price. I think the oils in it are the ones that make the hair feel moisturized and soft.

All the products from this line have a pretty similar smell. To me the smell is somewhat oriental and nutty. I guess it goes with the theme of hair oils. It's a specific smell, to put it that way. I mostly have fruity smelly hair products, so these are exception. 
I have to say, when you use all these products combined, they really work nicely. My hair is left moisturized and soft. It won't tamed the frizz, but it will nourish my hair. Avon says that this line is for all hair types. I kind of agree. I have greasy roots and am always afraid of using oil shampoos. This one makes my hair moisturized, yet not greasy at all. I think the line is great for dry and normal hair. Maybe even oily hair can get along with it. My roots don't seem to mind it. It's not for treating damaged hair, except if you include moisturizing them. 

i hope you like it !
azra yates

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