3:25 AM

Hello girls,

Just a couple of new scent to add to my collection. They are budget friendly ( $12.99) and smell DIVINE! I would never have thought to look in Zara for a new fragrance, but my Mum and I have been obsessing over all the beautiful perfumes in there over the last month or so. I do like my duty free perfume purchase, but sometimes all you need is a nice not break the bank scent. I’ve got new fragrance to show you which nicely round out my perfume collection.STAR JASMINE AND CANDY, which I find to be quite a sweet scent. With some subtle orange citrus notes. Definitely more of an evening fragrance.The packaging is super simple and classy too. I do love a good bit of snazzy packaging. With the simple clean lettering for the smaller bottle, and keeping it elegant with a twist with the orange chevron print for Star Jasmine. If you like the sound of these then I’d pop down to your local ZARA and get spritzing! There are so many lush scents to choose from. You perfume collection will be padding out quite nicely I’d say!

Hugs and kisses 
Azra Yates

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