Avon Goodies

12:37 PM

Hello girls,

Recently I have been wearing heavy foundation as my skin confidence isn't great 
so by mid-week I do feel the need for a deep cleanse to ensure that nothing is left behind
because the last thing I need is another blemish!  Like most I enjoy a good bargain and for my mid-week deep cleanse I have been using Avon Clearskin Black Head Clearing Deep Treatment Mask.
Basically it is a cream mask that dries out, lifting any dirt, make-up and general grime/debris from the skin without being harsh all the while controlling excess oil.Clearskin Dual ended Blackhead Remover is 5 inches long and helps gently to clear clogged pores. I have to stress that this mask doesn't not remove blackheads - the branding is a little misleading 
but used regularly  it can help prevent blackheads from forming. I use this every Wednesday and find it helps keep my skin clear as well as making my skin feel squeaky
clean which we all need every once and a while!
 Among other products there was also their Color Trend  lipbalm in shade Amour. I really recommend you to look into these Avon ColorTrend lipbalm as they have such a vast range of colours and are fab in design, price and how they look on your lips! I find that the Avon ColorTrend lipbalm all glide really smoothly onto my lips which I love and they all have such a strong pigment and are opaque. 
 The main ingredient of this spray is alcohol denatol?! Which makes it impossible to use as a body spray, technically not but no sane person would spray alcohol on themselves? It will only harm your skin. Now, I can gladly say that Avon is changing the name of these body sprays to Linnen spray, a much better purpose. I mainly use this spray as a room refresher or on my pillow or on my clothes. The spray itself distributes enough product.

When spraying it, you're first aware of the alcohol - very strong - and then it fades leaving you with a sweet scent that is adorable. It's not too strong, but present enough. If you feel like perfumes are too heavy for you, these sprays are a good and light alternative. I mostly smell the guava in it and not too much of the strawberries, but most sweet-scent-lovers will like this one as much as I do.

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