Luxe foundation porcelain and Anew reversalist spf 20

8:48 AM

Hello people,

3u1 Multipurpose Product: Day Cream + Corrector + BB Cream. Daily Cream - helps wrestle wrinkles, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and tightens the skin thanks to Tri-Elastinex technology. Corrosion-lessens imperfection.BB Cream - equals ten skin.This is a very light, slightly dyed creme that adjusts to the skin when massaging the skin. I thought that the color itself would be sufficient, such as toned creams, but this is not the case here - that scarf is barely visible enough to The brightness of the tena (I have no irregularities), but there is no concealed power. The cream has a very mild scent that virtually disappears immediately and requires very little product for the whole face. It is a powder and contains spf20 which is great if you do not want to use even a special cream with protective factor. For 25bam I am satisfied.  Luxe face cream is the perfect choice thanks to its moisturizing, shimmering formula that allows the skin to breathe, giving it a smooth and sleek look.

TEXTURE: The powder is among the fewest textures, it is not quite rare, I would say that one pump is sufficient for easy and sufficient smelling. On the face is completely velvety, quickly absorbed and dried on the skin. When I read in the description that the powder was intended for glittering skin, I expected some shingles or shimmer in the product, but no, no glittering particles. It gives a discreet dewy appearance on the face, that is, does not mimic the skin but it is not meant to be a natural look with a healthy, natural shine. Of course, if you own a mixed skin like me, a stone powder or powder is inevitable in the T zone, but even that glow does not bother me, so often I do not fall for powder matrals because I like what looks like me. The smell is pleasant, not too strong and quick on the face, but I recommend that you do not apply close to the eye mucus because some may irritate, for that area, however, use a corrector if you need it. Covering me the most surprised, I thought that for my ten who requires a fairly large covering would not be enough, but in one layer it covered almost all irregularities (capillary drops, redness, acne and acne scars) and in two layers made a complete photo shop I have to To emphasize that it looks natural, not "cured" or like a mask. Of course, provided you find the perfect shade. 

i hope you like it!!

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