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Many people are interested in brightening their smile with professional teeth whitening treatments and I'm definitely one of those people, I've always thought about getting my teeth professional whitened at the dentist but the cost is far from reasonable. I've recently been trying out the La Lune Noire Teeth Whitening Powder along with their Oil Pulling Mouthwash. The La Lune Noire Teeth Whitening products are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free. There are no additives or preservations and their products are suitable for even those with sensitive teeth and gums. The La Lune Noire Natural Teeth Whitener helps to remove stains and discolouration from the surface of your teeth while leaving you with a significantly brighter smile. This little teeth whitening gem can be used as often as needed to achieve the desired results.

The La Lune Noire 100% Natural Teeth Whitening Powder has many key benefits. The activated coconut shell charcoal helps to polish and whiten your teeth. The bentonite clay helps to straighten your gums, remineralise and remove toxins from the mouth. Orange peel which helps to remove those stubborn coffee stains, peppermint to reduce infections and inflammation and lemon peel which helps to protect you against bacteria as well as boosting your immune system. I'm quite skeptical when it comes to teeth whitening products, they're either really complicated to use and I never seem to see any results but in this case I was actually really impressed with the La Lune Noire teeth whitening powder, it's super straight forward to use and it does 100% work. I've been using the La Lune Noire Teeth Whitening Powder for a couple of weeks and my teeth look whiter than before, of course they're not completely stain free but I'm excited to see the results after prolonged use. This teeth whitening system is super easy and straight forward to use, simply dip a clean wet soft bristled toothbrush into the powder and brush your teeth in small gentle circles for around 2 minutes. They advice you to try and keep your lips closed while brushing as it can be slightly messy. Once you've brushed your teeth for around 2 minutes spit carefully and rinse your mouth well. The La Lune Noire teeth whitening powder can be used before brushing with your regular toothpaste, I personally like to use this first and then clean my teeth as I usually would after. Brushing after use also helps to remove any product left in-between my teeth. I tend to use this around twice a day to ensure I'm getting the best results. A little does go a long way and depending on the usage this product should last around 4-6 months which is approximately 150 uses. La Lune Noire also sell a soft bristle toothbrush which is made from 50% wheat stalk and starch and 50% PP. These are eco-friendly materials and do not include any heavy metals. Their soft fine bristles contain bamboo charcoal which helps to effectively clean your teeth and gums while helping to remove odour from your mouth. I absolutely love this toothbrush it's super soft on my teeth and gums and I highly recommend purchasing this if you do decided to try out the La Lune Noire teeth whitening powder.
I've been really impressed with the La Lune Noire teeth whitening products, some people will notice an immediate improvement and for others this will be a gradual process. I absolutely love that this product is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free. You can check out the La Lune Noire website at Also be sure to check out their Instagram @LaLuneNoireUK and Twitter @LaLuneNoireUK
Have you tried the La Lune Noire Teeth Whitening products?

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