NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream | Collection, Review, Swatches, & FREEDOM MAKEUP PRO DECADENCE CLUBBED TO DEATH PALETTE & Makeup Revolution PRO LOOKS Stripped & Bare Palette

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Hello people,

 NYX Matte Lip Creams truly rival high end brands in the market of liquid lipsticks.  If you don't care to dish out for a lip tar or Hourglass -  this product is one of the best budget brand makeup items I've found to date.  Application as easy as gloss, amazing pigmentation, and buttery cream to matte texture.  It is light weight once dry, minimal transfer, and has a long staying power.  The best part is that they only retail around $6.   The doe foot applicator isn't hygienically ideal, but makes for simple and great for on the go application.  They also apply great with a lip brush.  The texture is a velvety cream with an apparent silicone feel that disappears when dry.  They do take a a hot minute to dry, so be patient and the payoff will be long lasting lip color.  A caveat, as with any matte lip product it's important to exfoliate and moisturize lips before application. Although I do not recommend to apply directly on top of balm, an equation for a hot mess.  For best results apply over your favorite lip pencil or primer.

      Here is an in depth review of some of the colors in this line because we all know swatching things we are not supposed to is bad manners (and gross).  Plus, the packaging is slightly deceitful in person. Hope this helps with you selections!

SMLC 09 Abu Dhabi
Nude beige with rosey undertones.
Pigmentation: (3/5)

SMLC 20 Copenhagen
A deep wine, slight red undertones. (One of my favorite colors)
Pigmentation: (3/5)
SMLC 21 Transylvania on the lips in natural light.
Blackened purple.
Pigmentation: (2.5/5)
Somewhat streaky, this is the only one I had a significant issue with streaks and patches.

After the relative safety of the last two palettes in this series, I was desperate to inject some colour into proceedings. I have quite a lot of colourful palettes, as you will see over the coming months, but I wanted to start with the newest of my collection: Freedom’s Clubbed to Death palette. I think they were originally designed as a limited edition that was sold elsewhere, but they’re now available on the site. There are four palettes in the series and I have all of them except the Magic palette (although I’ve heard good things about it). You’ll see them all at some point across this series. The palettes each have 20 shades in and retail for £6. So onto the swatches. As you can see, the top half are more matte and the bottom are more shimmery although not everything on top is matte and not everything on the bottom is shimmer!

 The mattes do look quite chalky in the swatches, however, on the face this isn’t really the case. I haven’t used every shade yet-I haven’t used the greens, one of the blues, the black or the white. Going on the strength of the swatches, the white looks pretty rubbish compared to everything else. To be honest, I wish they’d put in a different colour rather than the white as I don’t see myself getting an awful lot of use out of it. I’m also pretty sick of seeing black eyeshadow everywhere, again, I’m rarely going to use this as I have enough eyeliners to cobble dogs with.
 The shimmers are really lovely: I haven’t worn that green yet, but I can’t do it justice in the photos-it’s so shimmery and lovely, I definitely will use this one in the future. The dark shimmers are really, really nice and even if you don’t want to use them with the neon shades here, they would go well with more muted shades from a different palette. The colour payoff on everything I’ve worn has been good except for the yellow which faded quite fast: it needed a touch up after about four hours. Everything else outlasted me.

 Finally though I've found some time to sit down and review all the gorgeous products I've been trying out from them, starting with this stunning palette packed full of the kind of shades that I love best. I have to admit when it comes to Makeup Rev. it really is their palettes that come out on top for me, the range is so big that there really is something for everyone and I hope that like me you won't be disappointed. I've been really looking forward to getting around to reviewing this palette in particular though as since I've had it I've been choosing it over all my other eyeshadows, including my higher end ones!This palette is part of a collection of three PRO LOOKS palettes that are available on the Makeup Revolution website, this palette holds the most natural shades out of the three and is definitely my personal favourite. The idea of the palettes is that having them split up into three sections inside can help guide you in creating the perfect look, whether you want something quite light or something a little heavier for a night out, for example. I really like how it is set up and it would definitely make things easier for beginners to makeup and eyeshadow, I quite like to use shades together from multiple different sections as well though, they all seem to compliment each other nicely. The palette also holds a substantial sized mirror which is plenty big enough for use when doing all your makeup. You can probably see from the photos above that I've been using the first two sections the most, although after seeing these swatches I definitely won't be neglecting the third section anymore. I don't think the photos quite do the eyeshadows justice perfectly but it was the best I could do with the lighting, you'll just have to take my word for it when I say that they are more pigmented than they appear. Each shade has it's own name which is very handy for us bloggers, I really can't stand it when each product in a palette doesn't have it's own name! But I'd definitely recommend it to anyone!

Azra xoxo

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