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5:04 AM

Hi guys and dolls,

How have you been? If you like jewelry and pretty accessories, you are going to like today's post and the store I'm about to introduce you to! Now, I've never been much of a jewelry wearer...when I was younger, I'd wear long, bohemian style earrings but as the years went by, I stopped. It might also be because my style has evolved.Getnamenecklace is a jewelry manufacturer and online shop that sells beautiful, unique and high quality jewelry at competitive prices. They offer heart necklaces, infinity necklaces, carrie necklaces, monogram necklaces, projection necklaces, bar necklaces and photo necklaces! You can basically send them a picture of anyone or anything (your family or your dog, for example) and their professional specialists will engrave the image into your necklace/ring/bracelet charm! How cool is that? You can also order personalized keychains, lockets, watches, cufflinks, wallets, and you can even have your fingerprint engraved into a charm!! You can also choose the material you want your jewelry to made out of, from 18 k gold plated, rose gold to silver sterling. Whether you want to buy a gift for yourself, for your partner, your mom, your kids or your grandma, Getnamenecklace can create something special for you! 

 Check out some of their gorgeous birthstone necklaces:

Check out cute monogram rings:

Beautiful items, right? If you haven't checked out Getnamenecklace yet, you should! I think their jewelry is perfectly feminine, sparkly, cute and unique!

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