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9:59 AM

Last post was all about how summer is gone , and this one is about make up and other stuff.
 I'll start with make up first ;) I hope you will like it.


                                       This is my stuffs( make up,jewelry,perfum..) i love it.

                                                           Palette makeup mac

                                                         So, here's my make up look

Immediately after buying this lipgloss from Revlon, I tried it on and took a couple of shots, to show you how wonderful it is. It is greatly pigmented! I do not wear any make up here, except this lipgloss, but this color would be intensified when I make a post with some lovely eye make up :D

                                                      Beads collar necklace - Parfois


So, that was it.
Hugs and kisses
Azra Yates

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