Summer is gone

1:05 PM

Hello lovelies,
This morning while i was drinking coffee I felt as if something was missing. After a while, I realised: it was summer! Summer's gone, and I'm so sad. We didn't even have summer here. What a pity. Now it's raining non stop, and it's getting colder. The only thing that makes me happy, is burgundy lipstick and hats and nice shoes. The only reason I love autumn.

                                                               Back to cold mornings.

                                                               Silver necklace - New Yorker
                                                                Red lipstick - Classic lipstick
                                                              Gel eyeliner - Manhattan

                                                   Black shoes with platform - H&M

                                                Beautiful two days in Monte Carlo,Monaco

                                                       Beautiful days in Istanbul

                                                         The best summer in Lioret de Mar

                                           exercises,beach,swimming pool- everything that i need

                                                                 I just like to sunbathe.
                                                                     Sunglasses - Parfois
                                                        Swimming costume - New Yorker

                                                               Hugs and Kisses
                                                                    Azra Yates

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