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Hello people,

It was long time since i havent written to you. I renovated the house, you know how it goes. Anyway, again avon surprised me with these goodies recently, and I can't wait to do some make up looks.

 Here are some make up from the Avon collections in April,May,June,July. Loving the packaging, so festive and glittery.

Sheer Love (nail polish) is one of the most beautiful colors , but one of the worst by the pigmentation . To obtain a finely and evenly overlap requires three layers of paint . It's too much work for me . The color is beautiful , powdery pink . But certainly demanding , two coats may look fine but you have to make an effort on that. You must wait between layers and watch how much paint you apply.         From color pop varnish possess three beautiful shades . Frankly , I was a little scared when I saw this Orange you crazy shade . I thought it would not be sound but on the contrary , the soul is given to refresh monochrome and gloomy combination or make a good color blocking outfit . :D

As you can see these shadows eye pencil come in paper packets , in colors characteristic of this COLORTREND line . These eye shadow pencil are available in five colors , the colors that I got the Aqua Marine and Purple Star , other available Ruby Pink , Peach Nectar and Silver Sensation . These eye shadows are greasy to the touch and quite well pigmented , easy to apply and can be used as eyeliner .

  Avon Magix has an excellent packaging . Very high-quality black plastic with quality printing and excellent spray . On the product applied ravnomjeno and enough two pimpice with a distance of at least 20 cm to the product distributed to the entire face . After a few minutes it is completely dry. What is interesting about this is that this product has two purposes . In fact , it can be used as a     base / primer and as a fixative ( after application of complete make-up )


Each lacquer comes in Avonovoj standard glass bottle contents 11ml . Each bottle comes in a black cardboard box on which is written the name of the nuances that are inside. The only complaint I have with the packaging of these coatings is that the name of the shade does not write on the bottle . The names are well- designed and like them , it is a great pity that it probably will not remember because it is not practical to keep the box with varnish . The brush is medium thick , straight -cut . Although I prefer the round brush , and I love the Avon , varnish is easy to apply , no complications and stain the cuticles . At least for me . :) Each bottle also contains two small balls that facilitate mixing paint. Endurance easy first depends on the health of the nail and then on how you are using the base coat and TC . During testing I did not use top coat and varnishes are by themselves quite high gloss . This you can see in the pictures below . During painting shades I used Avon spray for faster drying paint that I was tired helped me pictures and nails look more beautiful . I did not like much on the paint has dried , but I found his purpose .
Mint to be

Beautiful bright green color . My favorite of all the nuances of this line . Perfect for spring and for summer days . This will definitely usually wear . Full coverage and shine you get in two layers .
Red velvet 
Another easy and only with the Dazzle Pink which contains shimmer . The name fits , easy and really look reminiscent of red velvet . It covers in a single layer and gives a great glow thanks to shimmer and gel completion .
 Sapphired up 
Sapphire blue or royal blue , the best description of these shades . Just like mint shade , and this is a new shade in the collection . Although it is one of the darker shades , with her can not remain unnoticed your nails . I have a multitude of varnishes , and believe me some shades just better go with short or long nails , but this is the nuance that the length of the nail does not mean anything .

Pink Watermelon is pretty sheer soft pink gloss with a beautiful touch of shimmer leaning towards a pearl finish. On the lips alone, it delivers a pretty sheen and would definitely work great on top of a lipstick.

 Avon is offering a couple of different products for konturisanje.In modern romance collection is a contouring powder that is set for contouring with bronzer and blush that came in two shades of rose and peach contour contour. Avon now also offers contour duo containing highlighter and bronzer.Contour duo comes in only one version , or there is no shade of bronzer and highlighter. Bronzer is warmer undertones, but not so many, and I have such bronzers suitable for contour, while those Warmer bronzers mostly use as a blush while stirring with a peach hue.  Pigmentation bronzer is really bad you'll be able to see the swatch below, but precisely because it is ideal for those quite bright, but also for those darker girls because with it you can achieve subtle contours, and upgrading those slightly more intense. A small amount of bronzer and subtle contours require a lot less blending, or the very sustainability .Upgrading bronzer really requires a little more effort when blending as would other sharp lines on the face and in order to do well are stabilized, and thus get on sustainability the same.i always run the motto less is more, but the tastes are different. Highlighter in champagne color is beautiful, it contains something larger sequins that rose gold, and really beautiful to look on face.Pigmentation highlighter is a lot more intense than bronzer and enough goods pat brush for a subtle highlight, and if you like it's always intense it you can upgrade.

The next thing I got was the Ideal Flawless Cream Blush and Highlighter Duo.  I normally tend to go for powder blush and highlighters but I have seen a lot of people raving about the Soap & Glory ones so thought I’d give this one a try seeing as I was placing an order and if I get on with it I may invest on some of the S&G ones as well. The highlighter is a champagne colour and the blush is quite a nice dusky pink. It does look quite shimmery but I’ll see how it is on.

Avon Mega Effect Eyeshadow Pots in Liquid Gold
Liquid Gold  is a gorgeous white toned gold colour.I love using gold eyeshadows to warm up my skin tone and for more natural days. Sadly - since I love Inspired Iris so much - I don't wear this one as often as I like. But it's a gorgeous colour none the less. Especially when paired with a more dramatic lip colour or for more natural make-up days. What I love to do on days that I prefer a no-make up look is to just use this , a little mascara and I'm good to go.

 Raspberry Glaze lipstick - warm red with lots of red shimmer. It's very sheer and can look uneven.

Orange Blaze

Bright orange with light orange and pink shimmer. Bigger light orange shimmer looks almost look a bit golden, while small pink shimmer in it gives it a pink sheen. It still looks more golden orange when you apply it on the nails.

Red Shock

Pinkish red with pink and gold shimmer. It's more of a raspberry red shade, which looks a bit pinkish and similar to Striking Pink. But this one is warmer and has a bit of a golden sheen to it and looks more red.

Thats all!!
i hope you like it !
Azra Yates

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