Avon Surprise 3

7:18 AM

Hello friends,

Again Avon surprised me with these goodies recently. Today is a review of a brand new hair line from Avon. It's called Advance Technique. It contains 5 oils and in the range are shampoo, conditioner, mask and duo treatment spray oil,dry shampoo.

The shampoo has a subtle coconut smell which is really refreshing when washing. The product lathered really well, only a small amount needed to cover my head completely (even though I do have very fine hair). My hair already felt really squeaky clean after this first step.

The conditioner has the same subtle coconut smell. I applied this to the ends of my hair, again, not too much product was needed, but my hair did feel instantly softer at the ends.

Colour Protection Restorative Mask

Best when used together with the Advance Techniques Colour Protection Shampoo and Conditioner.  The Colour Protection Restorative Mask is specially made to moisturize colour-treated hair. It possesses creatine to repair and strengthen your strands, which is essential for healthy hair growth and less breakage. Though it’s made for colour-treated hair, the Restorative Mask can also be used on ‘virgin’ or untreated hair to help keep split ends and dryness at bay.

 Duo Treatment Spray
After I had washed and conditioned my hair I applied the Duo Treatment spray to wet towel dried hair. The product has the same coconut smell, but sprays out very fine so you need quite a few pumps to cover the hair, also make sure you shake the product well before use to mix the oil elements. On the bottle it advises you to apply the spray from roots to tips, but I focused mainly on the ends. I blow died my hair afterwards and it felt much more volumized.

 Advance Techniques dry shampoo 

I tried it already and I love it. You have to apply it to dry hair, about two days after shampooing (for long hair or only one day for the short one), for more volume and to refresh. It is basically an emergency solution to which you resort when you don’t have time to wash your hair, if you are on a short trip or after training, before a date or a meeting or when, for some reason, that day you don’t have access to a shower or even after washing the hair. It is very effective, and all you have to do is to spray a little at the roots, then to massage the product and comb your hair as usual. It is like a deodorant, colorless and it doesn’t leave any powdery residue. It gives volume, you get rid of that nasty oily feeling and it gives a very pleasant smell.

I hope you like it 
Hugs and kisses 
Azra Yates 

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