Fifty shades of red

10:36 AM

Hi guys,

It's time for a new outfit post.My mom and i were shooting my outfits every single day and this was one of my favorite days.We had so much fun and no one was walking around cause you have to imagine so many people jogging around you or walk with their dogs and then you have to wait till they walk by or they wait till you take a picture - so yeah it's a mess haha.But in the end I love the pictures,I always say no pain no gain. I really love red color and I can't get enough of that color.Today I'm wearing red skirt by Choies and chunky high heels by Public Desire - very comfortable ! Also I got this new black hat by H&M and I love it.

Stay tuned everyone!

                                                            Hugs and kisses,
                                                                Azra Yates  

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