Givenchy NYFW Spring 2016

8:03 AM

Hello there,

Few fashion shows have been as highly anticipated as the one with which Riccardo Tisci marked his tenth year at Givenchy. As more than a thousand people traversed the rush hour–choked West Side Highway and flooded onto Pier 26—all dressed to the nines (or maybe the threes or twos, given the skimpiness of a few notable looks)—it’s fair to say that one of the very last things they were expecting was to be immersed in a contemplative experience. Yet this is what they got from Riccardo Tisci on the night he brought his Givenchy show to New York City, coinciding with the 14th anniversary of 9/11. There was no all-out gig from Rihanna and Kanye West (as had been the speculation when “performances” were mentioned), and no inaugural walk from Caitlyn Jenner, which had been optimistically rumored, given Tisci’s strong credentials as fashion’s first champion of transgender models.

Success would require a deft balancing act, an event worthy of the high-hype Atlantic crossing yet somehow observant of the historical moment. Striking a masterful, almost impossible balance, Tisci delivered a glorious oxymoron of an event: a quiet spectacular.The emotion all but overwhelmed,when i watched this show. I hope you loved the show,too.


                                                                              Hugs and Kisses,

                                                                                    Azra Yates


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